Wake up here at Siri Poshtel Bangkok

  • Wednesday, November 21, 2018
  • By Archie Esleyer

    Picking the right accommodation during travels is always a daunting task.  If you’re not super young like me (full disclosure: I’m in my thirties LOL) who loves traveling on a budget but at the same time still cares about comfort and experience, I usually prefer to stay in a small hotel whose location is perfect for my itinerary and whose services are always personal and homey.

     On my recent trip in Bangkok, I chose Siri Poshtel which was conveniently located at the heart of the old city of Bangkok (Rattanakosin). I love staying on this area because it has a slower pace than the central business district. Just a few steps away from the hotel, you’ll find Bangkok's historic grounds with main tourist attractions such as the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Wat Saket and many other enchanting temples. Since the area is located on a sacred ground, there are no high-rise buildings or massive skyscrapers in the area, so you can soak up to the area's distinctive traditional charm. Walk a couple of feet away from the hotel street and you’ll find plenty of shops, roadside eatery and small street food vendors. 

The Room

     I was pleasantly surprise at how spacious the room was especially for a small hotel standards. I was actually expecting a slightly more cramped space because of the small number of rooms it has on every floor, but the room was big which has two queen sized beds fully set with comfy mattresses and fluffy pillows, with custom accents and lighting that feel a bit more sophisticated than you would in a standard hotel room.   

I like that it has a compact wooden coffee table set in the center of the room which is perfect spot to have complimentary coffee or tea. The small private balcony overlooking the neighborhood was a great addition to the already posh bedroom which was beautiful to look out on to the street in the morning. 

I also love the super clean roomy bathroom which looks really modern complete with rainfall showers, toiletries and fresh towels (all included in the fee).

How’s the Staff?

     The staff were friendly, professional, and very accommodating. From the first time I contacted them through email, I received nothing but friendly responses. We arrived very late at night to check in and it felt like it was a friendly conversation than anything else. The receptionist on duty shared with us more information about the hotel, where to eat, how to get to places, transportation to the airport, and even gave us a map of the neighborhood with places we might find interesting.

What’s for breakfast?

     The hostel has a complimentary buffet breakfast for hotel guests at their rooftop lounge so you won’t need to worry about spending extra on breakfast before you go out exploring the old city. They serve a good selection of local and fusion cuisine as well as breakfast staples such as cereals, eggs, toast, veggies and fruits. 

Great news for all milk tea lovers out there because their breakfast has unlimited chai milk tea which is truly delicious and the best part of it, it’s free!

 Is it a good deal?

     Considering the great standard of rooms, the food and the amenities it offers, it’s an amazing value for money. For such a fantastic location in old city, the rate is quite a bargain.  I suggest you book directly with the hostel on their website https://www.siriposhtelbangkok.com/ because they give an extra 20% discount on their displayed rate.


Strong Wi-Fi. It was spectacular and works in every corner of the hotel.

Rooftop Terrace is a great place where guests can hang out and socialize with other travelers. There’s also a lot of space in the reception area especially if you want to chill out or just read guide books and magazines which they have quite a few to choose from on their shelves.

Free Bikes. The hostel provides plenty of bikes with helmets which is a perfect way to leisurely explore the streets and temples around the old city and the neighboring tourist hub Khaosan Road.

What can I say, I love this hotel. Siri Poshtel was the perfect choice for my stay in Bangkok last week. As I had a limited time to explore the old city, the location of the hotel, which was pretty close to everything I wanted to see, made my travel easier and economical. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a great place to stay in Bangkok. The vibe, location, food and comfortable amenities make it a hotel I would return to again. I would like to thank Siri Poshtel for arranging my stay with them. As always, the opinions here are honest and my own.

Happy travels!

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