Get ready for Masskara 2016- Schedule of Events

  • Monday, October 03, 2016

Hey friends! Its October once again which marks the beginning of the highly anticipated festival in Bacolod city, the Masskara Festival. The highlight of this world famous festival is the street dance competition where participants goes out on the street in lively costumes wearing fancy masks embellished with smiles and colorful headdresses dancing to an upbeat tune to celebrate the Negrense’s positive outlook in life.

Dubbed as one of the most colorful festival in the country and is often likened to the Mardi Gras in Brazil, this festival has plenty of activities which tourist can participate. Here is the complete schedule of events for the Masskara 2016.

OCTOBER 1 (Saturday)
8AM        Medical Mission- Bays Center                                                            
12NN       MassKara Queen Press Presentation- Business Inn                     
3PM        DepEd Parade Drum & Bugle Competition-Public Plaza
5PM        Masskara 2016 Opening ceremony- Public Plaza & Bacolod Govt Center

OCTOBER 2 (Sunday)
8AM-        PICD Worship & Sports Fest - BAYS Center
7PM         TANDA! “Sing Na, Dance Pa” Eliminations - Public Plaza

OCTOBER 5 (Wednesday)
2NN          Senior Citizens Cultural Presentation - BAYS Center

OCTOBER 6 (Thursday)
4PM          Senior Citizen coronation of Queen- Bays Center
5PM          Mr Bacolod Globe 2016 - SMX convention Center

OCTOBER 8 (Saturday)
7PM         TANDA! – 1st Weekly Finals - Public Plaza
4PM         Masskara Queen Talent competition - Robinsons Place
5PM         Dekada ’80 - Bays Center
6PM         Unveiling: Charlie Co’s Golden Age of Change- Bacolod Gov’t Center

OCTOBER 9 (Sunday)
1PM         MassKara Dog Show - Bays Center
7PM         TANDA! Eliminations- Public Plaza
               MassKara Que en Swim Suit Competition  - Palmas del Mar
OCTOBER 10 (Monday)
8PM       Nights of Mardi Gras - Public Plaza

OCTOBER 11 (Tuesday)
8PM        Nights of Mardi Gras - Public Plaza

OCTOBER 12 (Wednesday)
8PM         Nights of Mardi Gras - Public Plaza

OCTOBER 14 (Friday)
9PM          San Miguel Beer Night -  Public Plaza

OCTOBER 15 (Saturday)
4PM       MassKara Queen Pageant Night- SMX convention center
7PM       TANDA! 2nd Weekly Finals -  Public Plaza
9PM       San Miguel Beer Night - Public Plaza
10AM     VolksKara - SM City

OCTOBER 16 (Sunday)
5AM         R.I.C.O Run - Robinsons Place
7AM         RMN Trisikad Race 2016 - Public Plaza
10AM       VolksKara  - SM City
7PM         TANDA! Eliminations- Public Plaza
9PM          San Miguel Beer Night  - Public Plaza

OCTOBER 17  (Monday)
 9PM         1st Bonsai Exhibit - Bacolod Gov’t Center
7PM          MassKara Red Party   -  Bacolod Gov’t Center

OCTOBER 18 (Tuesday)  
6PM           4th Bacolod for Jesus  -  Bacolod Gov,t Center

OCTOBER 20 (Thursday)
6PM         4th Bacolod for Jesus   -  Bacolod Gov’t Center
7PM         Opening: Electric MassKara   - Tourism Strip
9PM         San Miguel Beer Night  - Public Plaza
10PM       Sadya ang MassKara with Mayor Bing Fireworks Competition - Public Plaza

OCTOBER 21 (Friday)  
7PM          Electric MassKara Performing  Floats Competition  - Tourism Strip
9PM          San Miguel Beer Night: Callalily  - Public Plaza
9PM          Street Parties - Tourism Strip
10PM        Sadya ang MassKara with Mayor Bing Fireworks Competition  Tourism Strip

OCTOBER 22  (Saturday)  
3PM           Street Dance – Schools Category   - Public Plaza
6PM           JaDine IN Love Philippine Tour 2016     - USLS Bacolod
7PM           TANDA! “Sing Na Dance Pa” Grand Finals   -  Public Plaza
7PM           Electric MassKara Champions Performing Floats Competition
9PM           Street Parties - Tourism Strip
9PM           San Miguel Beer Night:- Bacolod Gov’t Center

OCTOBER 23 (Sunday)
3PM            Street Dance Barangay Category - Public Plaza
8PM            Globe Concert - Bacolod Gov’t Center
8PM            Coke Night  - Public Plaza
9PM            Electric MassKara Street Parties   - Tourism Strip
10PM          Sadya ang MassKara with Mayor Bing Fireworks Champion Showcase - Bacolod Gov’t Center

See you here in Bacolod! ;-)>

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