Afternoon Chill in Garys Place Punong

  • Thursday, June 01, 2017

     In our today's fast paced society, we are constantly looking for that perfect spot where we can slow down and unwind. Here in Bacolod, we've found a perfect place to do that. Just a few minutes away from the metro, in the city of Silay, is a beautiful new place that offers chic alfresco dining.

Tucked away in a beautiful garden in the middle of a private hacienda and surrounded by big fish ponds is Gary’s Place Punong which is managed by Side A band’s bassist Joey Benin and his wife Bing.

Once you arrive here, the first thing that catches your eye is the lush surroundings and the unique architecture of the buildings around the area with intricate carvings and design which somehow evokes a Balinese vibe.

In order to dine here, you need to make advance reservations as the seats are limited and they only operate on weekends. We went there on a weekday through a special reservation for lunch arranged by a friend for our batch mini get together. They serve contemporary gourmet food consisting of standard 5-course plated meal starting from appetizer, salad, soup, main course and then dessert which are carefully prepared by the Benin couple themselves.


We paid 750 pesos for the entire meal, drinks not included. Honestly, it’s quiet a hefty price for a standard meal, but I’m telling you every centavo you spend here is well worth it. Everything taste so good and the relaxing atmosphere of the entire place is perfect for a lovely date or social gatherings.

Take a relaxing stroll after your meal to experience the full beauty and tranquility of this place. Across the main dining pavilion is a wide open space nestled in cool shaded surroundings by decade-old majestic trees and exotic plants. The space gives off a romantic rustic charm that is ideal for weddings and corporate gatherings of any sort. You can opt to take a seat here on one of its designer chairs and bask in the warm tropical breeze of the farm. Opposite the garden is a gigantic Balete tree looking great beside the rectangular pool outside the main dining hall. There are also hammocks and swing chairs beside the pool if you just want to chill and soak in the tropical vibe.

Then walk further to see the gazebo that sits in the middle of the fish pond. This unique gazebo would be a perfect place for an afternoon tea. If the weather is fine, I encourage you to walk all the way to the main road then turn right then head straight until you reach a mini bridge that connects to the mini island. 

This island has another pool and a mini gazebo complemented by stylish designer chairs that is ideal for indoor cooling. The place is a perfect spot for visitors looking for some casual spot away from the crowd. Having walked all the way here under the scotching hot sun, this place was worth the effort.

Archie's Notes:
The Food: The lunch menu is limited. But the food is fresh, tasty & artful. For the beverage, I had lemograss tea which I find very ordinary. The drink seems like sugar free because all I can taste was the crushed lemongrass. Maybe they want it very natural but unpalatable for me.

The Ambiance: Its beautiful interiors and lush surroundings make this alfresco dining a stand out. This place definitely has potential.

The Service: The staff is friendly but lacks attentiveness to its guest’s needs. Bringing extra napkins or promptly refilling water glasses may be a little effort but they can greatly improve the dining experience.

The damage: 5-course meal is 750 pesos. Beverages 80-100 pesos.

Gary's Place Punong
Hacienda Tinihaban, Barrio San Jose
Silay City, Negros Occidental

Opening hours:
Thursday: 18:00-23:00
Friday: 18:00-23:00
Saturday: 11:00-15:00
Sunday: 11:00-15:00

Contact No. +63-9173271729

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  1. The place is now becoming more popular. This place really have potentials and perfect for special events.

  2. I love Punong Gary's Place! Glad that we have this hidden gem in Silay :)