Sunrise Hike to Apo Island Lighthouse

  • Monday, February 13, 2017

The hike to Apo Island lighthouse is one fun activity you can do in the island especially if you are nature enthusiast. 

Located at the highest point of the island, you should walk about 15-30 minutes uphill in order to reach the lighthouse. I woke up 4:30 in the morning to give myself enough time to become fully awake before walking making sure I get to the top before the sunrise. With the island peacefully asleep, I put on my sneakers and grabbed my Iphone and left the room. Right beside Liberty Homestay, there is a small alley leading to a concrete stairs with iron-pipes railings which is the starting point of the trail.  With only the light coming from my Iphone and the little bright from the sky, I marched the concrete path that would lead me to the lighthouse. I’m not going to lie, this experience was a bit creepy at first. It was a bit dark and nobody is around, all I can hear were my footsteps, my deep breaths and the sound of the waves. I could not help but think about negative thoughts that made me feel uneasy. It would have been better if there was someone walking alongside me but Tin who was supposed to go with me wasn’t able to wake up early to meet me at the lobby so I decided to go alone.

Well, it took a few moments to psyche myself to continue my journey following the straight path ahead. Then the concrete path became smaller, occasionally rocky and dusty. I pass by an area that looks like a small community with groups of tiny huts with livestock animals walking freely around their pens. And the early morning cry of the rooster has somehow appeased my uneasy soul which gave me a lift to carry on walking.

Then from afar, I started to have a glimpse of a massive structure standing tall among the tiny bushes. Then glow of radiant sun slowly shining up behind that tall white pole. As I move closer, I started realizing how huge this structure was but cannot ignore the beaming shades of yellow and orange gently driving the darkness of the night skies. 

I got myself a sweet little spot where I sat there for a moment and just savored the serenity of the entire place. A few minutes later the sun rise and it was awe-inspiring. Everything about this moment was beautiful. What an amazing view to start your day, don’t you think? Yes I got this magical view all for myself! It was such an amusing moment to witness such miracle of nature. It’s like mother nature’s way of saying “let’s make this day the best day of your life!”

After the sun has fully risen up, I began going around the area. Just a few meters away the modern lighthouse is the original lighthouse which has gone into a state of disrepair. It’s vintage structure gave the place an appealing look which I find very photogenic perfect for photo ops!

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