Backpacking Southern Cebu detailed Itinerary

I have been getting emails and request on instagram regarding our detailed itinerary on our backpacking trip on Southern part of Cebu so I decided to come up with this article so that travelers who are planning to backpack South Cebu can get more detailed information on how to go about your trip. This article is going to highlight how we managed our time to make the most of our 4 days to see some of the best spots South Cebu has to offer.

It was pretty easy to go around Cebu because commuting was fairly cheap and stress-free because of its extensive bus route, so you never have to worry wasting your precious time waiting for the next bus to arrive as buses come by every 15-20 minutes along the highway. What we did was to do a round-the-south route which started in Cebu city going towards the western part by Cebu via Samboan route and then transferred bus in Ceres bus station of Bato in Samboan circling the southern tip of the island via Oslob advancing towards the eastern part then back to Cebu city.

8:30 AM
Arrival at Mactan International airport
8:30-9:00 AM
Take the taxi going to Cebu South Bus terminal
Archie’s Notes: In order to save a few bucks, instead of taking the yellow airport taxi with flag down rate of 70 php, walk past the arrival area exit and cross the street towards the next building past the railings are steps leading to ordinary taxi bay. The flag down rate is 40 php. It cost us 110 pesos.
9:30 AM -12:30 PM
At SCBT (South Cebu Bus Terminal) take the bus with signage Bato via Barili. Tell the driver youre going to Moalboal. The fare for this non-aircon bus is 107 php for 3-4hrs travel.
12:30 PM
Arrival at Moalboal Town proper
12:30 – 1:00 PM
Tricycle Ride to Panagsama Beach (4 kms away from the highway. P25 each/ per way)
1:00 PM
Checked in at Backpackers Inn in Panagsama Beach
1:00 PM- 2:30 PM
Lunch/ Freshen Up
3:00 -6:00 PM
Island hopping and snorkeling at Pescador Island and marine sanctuary. We paid 2000 php for boat rent and 50 php entrance fee in the island.
6:00-7:00 PM
7:00- 9:00 PM
Bought a few bottles of beer to cap off our day
9:00 PM
Lights off

6:30 AM
Early breakfast at the Inn.
7:00-7:30 AM
Early Check out. But we asked our inn if we can deposit our things there while we go on a day trip to Badian for canyoneering to which they gladly agreed.
8:00- 9:00 AM
Hired a tricycle that will bring us to Badian at the entrance of Kawasan Falls.
Archies Notes: You can also take the bus at the highway for 20 pesos going to Badian but since there are 4 of us in a group we figured out it will be cheaper and faster to rent a tricycle directly from Panagsama beach to town of Badian.
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Downstream Canyoneering from Alegria to Kawasan Falls in Badian
1:00 PM- 2:00PM
Late Lunch at Kawasan Falls.
2:00- 2:30 PM
Travel back the highway from Kawasan Falls. Its around 15-20 mins walk, the road is paved and place is scenic.
Archies Notes: You can choose to rent a motorbike to get you to the highway for 50php per ride.
2:30-3:00 PM
Ceres bus going to Moalboal from Badian. The bus passes every 10-15 mins and travel time is around 20-30 mins going to Moalboal. We paid 40 php for aircon bus and asked the driver to drop us at Moalboal town proper.
3:00-4:00 PM
Travel back to Panagsama Beach. Fare is 25 php/ person one way and the freshen up a little at the inn and went back again on the highway to catch the bus going to Oslob.
4:00-7:00 PM
Bus from Moalboal to Bato. Then from Bato bus terminal we change bus with signage Oslob/ Cebu and just told the driver to drop us at Brgy. Tanawan in Oslob.
7:00 PM
Arrival at Oslob and stayed at a 3 bedroom private house for rent at the beach. The house is also located along the highway where Cebu buses passes by.

6:00 AM
Early breakfast. The house we rented was fully furnished (it has gas stove, rice cooker, refrigerator and water dispenser) so we decided to cook our meals which save us a lot money!
6:30-7:00 AM
We headed to the Tourism office just a few meters away from our place for a brief orientation of the dos and donts in Whale shark watching activity. After which we paid 500 php for the entire activity which includes the boat, floatation device and snorkeling gears. Rates for foreigners is 1000 php. If you choose not to dive, the rate is only 300 for locals and 500 for foreigners.
7:00-7:30 AM
Whale Watching Activity. Interactions with the whale sharks is only for 30 mins.
7:30-8:30 AM
Went back to our guest house to freshen up
8:30-9:00 AM
We commissioned a motor bike in the highway to bring us to Tumalog Falls. The fare is 50 php per way and travel time is about 20 minutes going to the waterfalls
9:00- 11:30 AM
Swimming at Tumalog Falls.
11:30 AM- 12:00 NN
Went back to the highway and catch a bus going to Oslob Town for lunch and sightseeing
12:00-1:00 PM
We went to see the Old Church, Cuartel and boulevard in Oslob town and had a quick bite in a burger junction.
1:00-1:30 PM
Travel back to Tanawan and checked out from our homestay
1:30 – 3:00 PM
Catch a bus going to Boljoon. We alighted at Boljoon Church and  and explored the heritage site, and museum.
3:00-4:00 PM
Travel to Dalaguete Town Proper.
4:00-5:00 PM
Habal-habal (Motorbike) ride to Brgy Mantalongon which is the jump off point of trek to Osmena Peak
5:00-6:00 PM
Checked in at homestay in Brgy Mantalongon. We initially planned to stay at the Municipal Hall however it was under repair, good thing the staff in the municipal office arranged for us to stay in private home that has spare room for travelers for minimal fee of 150 pesos per person per night.
6:00-7:00 PM
Explored the town on foot and had dinner
8:00 PM
Lights off

6:00 AM
Early breakfast.
6:30-7:00 AM
We hired motorbike to bring us to the foot of Osmena Peak
7:00-7:30 AM
Short trek to the Peak with a guide
8:00-10:00 AM
Sightseeing at the Peak
10:00-11:00 AM
Travel back to the town to pack our things
11:00 -12:00 AM
Motor bike ride back to Dalaguete Town Proper
12:00-2:00 PM
Catch a bus going to town of Sibonga
2:00 – 2:30 PM
Ride a motorcycle from the town proper going to Simala Monastery.
2:00-3:30 PM
Explored the monastery and attended the mass at monastery. We also had our late lunch on the restaurant outside the monastery.
3:30-6:00 PM
Travel back to Cebu City
6:00-7:00 PM
Freshen up at SM City Cebu travel lounge
7:00-9:00 PM
Dinner at Ayer’s Cebus Lechon in SM City
9:00- 12:00 MN
Went to see this famous chill out place in Cebu La Vie Parisienne and had few bottles of wine and pastries.
12:00 MN
Travel to Mactan International Airport to wait for our early morning flight
5:00 AM
Early morning flight

There you have it- our jampacked itinerary for Southern part of Cebu. Oh yeah! It was a bit hardcore and tiring at times but we had a lot of fun going around and we accomplished a lot of things too. There are still a lot of tourist spots that we were not able to visit, which I think is also impossible if you only have only one weekend to spare, so my advice is for you to choose what tourist attractions that interests you. So if you’re planning a road trip with family or friends anytime soon especially that we have 2 long weekends this August, South Cebu is a perfect place to do it.

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  1. My friends and I will be going to Cebu in February. Technically it's 3 days and 3 nights because I just realized right after I booked that we're leaving on the 4th day there at 2AM. We don't have any idea where to go FIRST.

    We'll arrive in Cebu Feb 15th roughly 2PM. I'll follow your itinerary as instead. We'll just go to Panagsama Beach once we arrive in Cebu - What activities can we do here? :) And is this too far from Oslob and Kawasan? Because if its not, I guess maybe we can stay there during our 3-day trip

    Then I think the next morning we'll go to Kawasan. What time does it end usually if we're planning to go canyoneering? :) Then the following day, to Oslob - This is our final day/night. We should be back in the airport by 11PM. Maybe we can roam around the city then buy Pasalubong. Are there several pasalubong stores in Mactan? Or where do you suggest? :) Sorry for asking too many questions! I hope I'll get a response from you. More power to your blog!!



    1. Hi Jai.
      No problem, im glad to help =)
      Its good to know that you already have something in mind where you plan to spend your holiday in Cebu and the rest will be up to how you will manage your time on certain destination,
      with regards to your queries:
      (1) Panagsama beach is in Moalboal town, you can do beach bumming althought the beach there is rocky but the place is great for snorkeling and diving. You can hire motorized boat for half a day to go island hopping & snorkeling.
      (2) Moalboal is an hour away from Badian where Kawasan Falls is located and around 5-6hrs away from Oslob for whale watching. I suggest instead of staying in Panagsama beach for the rest of your trip you can move from one hotel/inn to another proximal to your destination.
      (3) Canyoneering really depends on your pacing and what route you plan to take. On average its 4-5hrs but allow extra time if you plan to swim inside the canyons. I suggest start early inorder to finish early also plus the weather is better in the morning =)
      (4) I cant comment on what place in Cebu to best shop for pasalubong but im sure there are plenty around the area. I bought my pasalubong at SM city cebu and the choices are quiet extensive and reasonably priced too.

      Hope this helps. Im excited for you guys and im pretty sure youll have a great time there. =)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi! I'm Harriette btw I'm planning to go there by january is it okay for you to share the break down of your expenses when you were there? And will it be safe for a girl to travel alone? Thanks 😊

    1. Hi Harriette! I believe Cebu is a relatively safe place to travel. We never encountered any unscrupulous activities when we were there. Cebuanos are warm and helpful people. As to the cost, it depends on the activities you have in mind and how long you intend to stay but its relatively cheap. Happy travels!

  4. Hi do you have any contact person before going to cebu or you commuted your way to each destination and then bahala na?:)

    1. Hi Diane! Thanks for dropping by. We have a pretty limited time to go around so we made sure we stick to our plan. Its better if you have already something in mind before you go. We have no contact person there, I just did some research prior to going and made use of public transpo the entire time, its easy and economical.

  5. I went to Cebu a couple of weeks ago. And the island is full of adventures! I am also a backpacker so roam around Cebu City. Traffic is like EDSA, kasi ginagawa yung bridge. And tulad din sa Manila, ang daming ginagawang daan! Cebu City is, i would say average, kasi ung magkakalapit lang talaga is ung mga old churches and museum. If u want to go to Taoist Temple, Temple of Leah and Sirao Flower Garden, kailangan mong mag-habal habal para makatipid ka. We asked the locals there for directions. And so, i concluded that the Cebu City tour is like 6/10.

    Now, on the second day (we only have 3 days to stay in Cebu), we found out a contact from a friend who also just went in South Cebu. Her name is Ms. Vangie Gregorio. We never really had an itinerary for South Cebu Adventures but she arranged for us: Swimming with the Whale Shark, Somilon Island visit, Badian-Alegria Canyoneering, visit Falls in South, Oslob Heritage Park and food tripping. Mlalayo ang places so we decided to get her assistance, dalawa lang kasi kame. And it was an amazing experience with Ms. Vangie, hatid-sundo talaga sa lahat ng places for only 2800 pesos! Plus, pinatulog sya kme sa bahay nya kasi wala pa kameng tutulugan nun. So she offered that we can stay. Nga pala, mahina ang signal sa Oslob (Sun ang mabilis kasi my tower nearby).Siguro, mas marami kayo, mas mura. Kasi nung nagpunta kme sa Sumilon island, dalawa lang kme sa motor boat (with the boat crew syempre). I don't know, but I cant help but share my experience with Ms. Vangie, a rich person, pero very down-to-earth. YOu can contact her if you want: 0922 728 8563. YOu can just ask naman, diba. Definitely, will be contacting her next year when we get back there, with more friends!

    - Gab

    1. Thanks for sharing your experiences there Gab! I totally agree with you that Cebu is teeming with adventures. Maybe you can do Northern Cebu next time. I would love to go back there soon.

  6. Sino po contact nyo sa canyoneering?

    1. Hi Cassandra! Our guide/contact is Marvin unfortunately his no. is with my friend, ill get back to you once i have it. But you can also try looking for canyoneering packages. My friend was able to join one at 1400php all in with lunch. I think its a good deal already.

  7. Hi Archie ! Available kaya ang canyoneering sa oct ? Sabi kasi nila maulan daw :(

    1. Hi Jha, I think it is available all year round. I remember we went there during rainy season but the weather seems fine. As long as there is no threat of a typhoon or low pressure they allow it. Its better to contact and book a guide ahead so that you he can update you with the availability of the activity.

  8. Hi, Archie! May I know where did you stay in Oslob and how much is the rate per night for 2 pax? Thanks!

    1. Hi!
      We opted to stay in Brgy Tanawan instead of staying at Oslob town proper because we wanted to do whale shark watching which is located there. Just a few meters away the diving site is Aarons Beach Resort. A room good for 2 pax is around 1200-1800 but we did not stay there because it was fully booked during our visit. Instead we did homestay which is also around that area for 400/night per pax.

  9. hi archie! regarding the island hopping and snorkeling at pescador island. do you have any contact? thanks.

    1. Hi Archie,
      Thank you for sharing your blog. Were going to stay in granada beach resort in Boljoon in December. I would like to ask is there a bus or tricycle that we can ride going to Kawasan Canyoneering?theres a shuttle service but its P3500 (2way).How can we go from Boljoon to Kawasan Canyoneering?Thank you in advance for your response .

    2. Boljoon is in the south eastern side of Cebu while Kawasan Falls is in Badian in the south western side. As far as i know there are commuter buses round the south. You make take the yellow bus, Ceres Liner that travels circling the southern tip of Cebu stopping off Bato Station in Samboan and advances to western side then alight in the municipality of Badian to Badian. Im excited for your trip guys, im sure youll have a great time there! Happy travels!

  10. can you go to kawasan falls without doing the canyoneering?

    1. Hi!
      Sure, you can go to Kawasan Falls for a day trip to swim and just chill. No need to do some trekking if youre not the adventurous type. Its just the jump off point of Canyoneering. Youll surely love the place. Happy Travels!

  11. Hello po. Magkano po lahat nagasto niyo? :)

  12. Hello po. Magkano po lahat nagasto niyo? :)

    1. Hi Honey! This is just a budget trip and we spent around 6,500 each person for the entire trip- airfare included but of course we scrimp on meals and some transport. Just allot 8-10K for a more comfortable trip =)

  13. Hi Eli here. Solo backpacking ako this coming April. From moalboal ba.. pwede ng bitbitin yung gamit papuntang kawasan.. and do the canyoneering? And.. do you have any idea if what time yung last trip ng bus from badian back to city?

    1. Hi Eli, yes its possible to bring your backpack/luggage from Moalboal. There are many resorts in Kawasan and you can ask your guide where you can leave your things for safe keeping. We left some of our things in the resort where we rented our life vest and came back there after the canyoneering to wash up and use the toilet. With regards to the trips going back to the city, im not sure but there are plenty of buses passing by from the highway so i guess its not going to be a problem catching a bus from Badian to Cebu. Hope this helps. ;)

  14. Hi archie,
    Solo lang kasi ako. Sa feb17-19 na alis ko. Tanong ko lang marami bang groups na pwedeng maki join pag mag pepescador ako? Mas makaka mura kasi pag mag jojoin lang ako dun eh. Saka sa canyoneering marami bang groups dun na pwede ring makijoin or how much per person dun?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi solo backpacker here as well, can you share po your itinerary and how much it costs po every activity u took if 1pax ka lang? Thanks!

  15. Wow! This looks so great! The Whale Sharks and the Canyoneering is what we really love to try. Thanks for this.

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