Chasing the Sun: Kiltepan Peak Sunrise in Sagada

  • Monday, March 14, 2016

I can’t really remember when was the last time I woke up early in the morning to see the sunrise; to witness the fresh start of a brand new day and to have a breath of the cool morning air while sipping a cup of coffee at the balcony. Nothing extravagant actually, just a feel of how serene the surrounding is, right before the world gets too busy. It’s so odd that we are always too busy running after building a comfortable life that we often forget how to live a good life. This trip to Sagada reminded me how it is to live a good life.

Our second day started with a bumpy ride going to Kiltepan peak in the wee hours of the morning to witness the sunrise. This made me ask myself: why does tourist wake up so early to gather here just to witness something we commonly experience in our daily lives?  Don’t they love the sunrise in their own provinces? After a 30minute ride uphill, we finally reached the peak. It is located on the edge of the mountain surrounded by towering pine trees wrapped in heavy fog all over.

While waiting for the sun to come out, tourists gathered around edge of the mountain all ready to take a snapshot of the sunrise to post on their facebook timeline.

Considering the heavy rain we experienced the night before and the unpredictable weather in Sagada, I thought I will not be able to capture the breaking of the sun due to the heavy fog and thick clouds covering the view, but still I continued clicking my camera.

We patiently waited for the sun to come out. As the horizons turned yellow with intermittent orange and reddish hues, I got excited. I had a sense that something spectacular was on its way. And I was right. A few more minutes of waiting, I saw a glimpse of the sun behind the sea of clouds. It was unspeakably stunning.

Then there you go...

Multiple clicks and many wows can be heard in the crowd gathered together for that one goal of witnessing and capturing the beautiful sunrise. And as I stood there, taking pictures, I savoured the moment as I breathed in deeply while my entire being was filled with so much gratitude. It’s not every day and not so many people get to enjoy this experience. I felt so lucky to have this moment to experience God's greatness in his marvellous creation. It was amazing!

For me, this is the best place I’ve been to in Sagada to date. And I know I will keep coming back for more.  And what made it more special are the people I was with when I travelled here - the locals, our guides and fellow travellers I’ve meet and became good friends.

Verdict: WE ENJOYED IT (All caps)!  So right even before this trip was over, we have already planned out our come back. Sagada, you will always be close to my heart. Till we meet again!

I hope you enjoyed your time here. I am making a series of post about our trip in Sagada in the coming days so watch out for it. You'll love it. Promise! Feel free to share this, drop me a comment and share your thoughts about your experiences in Sagada. If you like, please stop by my instagram @archieoffduty and find more travel ideas for your future travels. I would really appreciate it. Thanks! ;-)>

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