Enchanting Islas de Gigantes: Bantigue Island (Sandbar)

  • Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Next stop is Bantigue Island which is just a few minutes boat ride from Antonia island. It’s basically a long stretch of white sand in the middle of the ocean with a beautiful view of a small mountain with lush vegetation in one end. When the water is high, part of the sandbar is submerged in the sea leaving just a small portion of the island exposed. 

When we arrived, I was amazed at how clear the water was. Look how clear. It’s amazing!

Despite the fact that were a bit tired from our snorkelling activity, the beauty of the island never failed to impress us that we were instantly ecstatic and energized to roam around. We were like kids running around, jumpshot here and there, and then panting like dogs after! Lol 

Plus we got to meet and greet the locals. It was a bit surprising to know that there are actually people living on the island. Well, who wouldn’t? To wake up every day on this unspoiled paradise is a pure bliss. Did a little chit chat with the kids, and by the time we have to say goodbye they agreed to pose with me for a picture. Artista lang ang peg! Hehe they were actually too shy to interact at first but I was persistent. When were about to leave, we gave them some extra chips we brought and they were completely in awe. Well maybe its not everyday they get to see those stuff. The happiness we saw in their eyes was simply priceless. I wish we could have brought more. 

It was getting late so our guide advised us to leave. We wished we could have stayed a bit more but it was getting dark. But before we left, we were treated with the best view of the sunset. I couldn’t find more fitting words to describe how beautiful it was. The experience was simply magical.

I hope you enjoyed your time here. Thanks for dropping by! I made series of post regarding our trip to Isla Gigantes, you can check them out here Enroute Isla Gigantes. Please feel free to share this, drop me a comment and share your thoughts about your experiences in the island  And if you like, please stop by my instagram @archieoffduty and find more travel ideas for your future travels. I would really appreciate it. Thanks! ;-)>

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