Enchanting Isla de Gigantes: Antonia Island

  • Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Our next stop is Antonia Island. It’s just a small island surrounded by magnificent rock formations shaped like fingers immersed on the water. In between these rocks is a beautiful white sand beach lined by towering coconut trees and surrounded by azure waters.

While our boat is just approaching the island, we were welcomed by the crystal clear blue waters, so clear that you can visualize the fishes and the beautiful coral formation on the sea bed. My feet are already trembling in excitement and I was itching to take a jump especially that I knew that we were gonna go snorkelling! But anyhow I stopped myself due to my fear of getting drowned. Lol

This is a privately owned island but it has small gazebo, tables and chairs around the beach where tourist can have their stopover and rest for a minimal entrance fee of 20 pesos. We decided to have some refreshments while waiting for our snorkelling gears to be ready. The equipment can be rented for 100 pesos each.

 Now it’s time to take the plunge!

And yes, its amazzzzing plus plus! It’s not my first time to do snorkelling but I was thrilled to see how beautiful it is underwater. The coral reefs are stunningly beautiful, of different types and colors, and none of it I’ve seen before. The fishes swim in school, of different sizes and colors and you can even interact with them. Too bad I didn’t have an underwater camera with me, I could have shared with you how magical it is down there.

 This experience was superb. It was good to know from our tour guide that fishing is being prohibited around the area so as to preserve its marine community. We truly should look after and conserve this awesome gift of nature for the future generations to enjoy & experience.

I hope you enjoyed your time here. Thanks for dropping by! I made series of post regarding our trip to Isla Gigantes, you can check them out here Enroute Isla Gigantes. Please feel free to share this, drop me a comment and share your thoughts about your experiences in the island  And if you like, please stop by my instagram @archieoffduty and find more travel ideas for your future travels. I would really appreciate it. Thanks! ;-)>

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