Favorite Travel Sunset

  • Monday, November 16, 2015

Sunset is the most magical time of the day for me. In fact, I could watch it all day long admiring, taking photographs, and just simply watching. It’s one of nature’s impressive artistry. For a travel junkie like me, my travel photo album wouldn’t be complete without a photo of a sunset - whether it’s the sun’s setting on the ocean, or a silhouette against a tree or building, it always brings a feeling of peace & awe that’s really very spiritual & meditative experience for me. Here’s a compilation of some my favourite sunsets taken during day off and travels.

Sunset is Love when the Sun kiss the Sea. Oton, Iloilo.

Shades of yellow and orange. Iloilo-Guimaras.
Sunset over the horizon. Iloilo River.

Of silhouettes and golden sunset. Palmas Del Mar.

Shades of yellow, orange and pink. Palmas Del Mar.

Sunset in the province's fishing capital. Estancia, Iloilo.

Sunset reminds us the best things in life are free. Fort San Pedro.
After a great day, sunset reminds us the best is yet to come. Boracay Island.

Sunset reminds us the way we see life is a matter of perspective. The Grotto, Boracay.

Sunset reminds us that no matter how busy we are, taking time off is also essential. Oton Beach, Iloilo.

I love sunsets. And I am just lucky enough to see so many beautiful sunsets during travels.  Sometimes it’s difficult to get that opportunity to experience this magnificent beauty especially when you are at work. I myself can relate to that scenario, maybe that’s why when I get the chance to experience it, I can appreciate it even more.  There’s always something heart warming about those shades of yellow, orange, and red that somehow lift the spirit and cheer you up.

Sunset is a reminder for us to find someone we can share this experience with. The Ruins, Talisay.

I hope you enjoyed your time here. Thank you for dropping by! Please feel free to share this, drop me a comment and share your thoughts about your favorite spots to watch the sunset. And if you like, please stop by my instagram @archieoffduty and find more travel ideas for your future travels. I would really appreciate it. Thanks! ;-)>

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