Summer in Boracay!

  • Monday, September 21, 2015

During the past few weeks, we have experienced a dramatic change in weather. The extended daylight, sizzling temperatures, profuse sweating, oily sheen and frequent thirst can make one conclude that summer has finally arrived. Well, I think it just did. In fact last Monday, the Philippine  weather bureau has officially declared summer, warning of hot temperatures that could go beyond 35 degrees celsius in May.

People are all geared up to welcome Summer!
For many of us, summer means out of town vacation, road trips with friends, sunbathing and tanlines, fruitshakes and of course beaches. And where do you want to spend most of your hot summer days? For a water lover like me, the beach is an obvious answer where one can enjoy swimming, sailing, sunbathing, eating and drinking, it’s all there.

Bringing inflatable tubes and rings will surely be fun in the beach even to the not-so-young kids like them
Catching some rays of light to get that perfect tan while listening to summer playlist on her ipod. It couldnt get any better than this.
The Philippines being an archipelago is surrounded by many coastal communities with beautiful beaches around it. One can even find one in their very our own locality. In the country the most famous beach destination is Boracay Island. Situated in the northern part of Panay island, Boracay, is known for its powdery-white sand beach and crystal clear blue waters. It has been a favorite destination for many of us. In fact, many international lifestyle magazines has named Boracay as one of the world’s best beach destination. I think its because of one obvious reason that the island has so much to offer - from its scenic and relaxing outdoors, to the unique beach happenings and the memorable dining experiences, one can even visit several times a year and have a different things to do each time.

One of the infamous landmarks of the island is the Grotto on top of a rock formation in the middle of the beach where one can climb up the stairs to have his photo taken. It signifies how Catholic faith is alive in the island.

One exciting way to discover the natural beauty of the island is to go on sailing. “Paraw” as its popular known in the island, can bring you around the island to explore its secluded coves and beaches.
The shoreline lined with Paraw boats. Paraws, are sailing boats constructed from wood and bamboo but are sturdy vessel ideal for the conditions around the Island. These small boats can go very fast on a windy day where they just skim along at high speeds.
Boracay meant so much more to me than just a place for respite that is why every year if my schedule and budget allows me to come back I would readily grab the opportunity to do so.  The lure of this place and all that is special about it makes me find my way back to the island, enjoying the memories of past summers and the joy of making new ones.

Your visit would not be complete without having your photo taken with the beautiful white sand shoreline on the background. See. I’m done with mine! Hehehe
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