Firedancing in Boracay

  • Monday, September 07, 2015

Welcome to the beach that never sleeps. When the day comes to a close in Boracay, merry-making at its best begins that even the most miserable soul would be amused.

Starting the night with a good meal by the sea.
Indeed there are plenty of activities to choose from. One that is gaining much popularity these days is Firedancing where local performers carry a small fire container suspended on a metallic chain as they gyrates with balls of fire on two hands and effortlessly swirls it to the beat of the band. Some dancers even go as far as doing stunts like climbing a coconut tree while lipsyncing to Whitney Houston hits! Lol ;-)>

Swirls and Twirls of fire blazing in the night.

Playing with fire has never been this beautiful.

Wide variety of tricks can really put the audiences in awe.

The degree of difficulty is not to be undermined because one wrong move can mean being burn alive.

If you wish to see shows like these and experience real fire dancing acrobatics, there are plenty fire dancing shows staged in several restaurants and bars namely Obama Grill, Ariel's Point and Club Paraw in Station 1 and Regency Hotel, Juice bar, Boom-boom and many others in station 2. Some performances are held along the beach for free to attract customers but many of these shows are exclusive in beachfront resto and bars where tourists can enjoy the show while eating their sumptuous dinner.

Crowds gather around to witness the spectacular art of firedancing.

Even a superhero plays with fire.
Stunts and acrobatics adds difficulty to their performance.
Ball of Fire.

Words cannot fully describe how awesome this art of firedancing is. These pictures can only capture a frozen act when trails of blazing fire glows in the night. I’d say you really have to see it for yourself to completely appreciate the amount of talent and skills that goes with it and be prepared to be amazed.

The ring of Fire.
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